Shimla Manali Tour Packages

Shimla Manali Tour Package

Shimla Manali Tour Packages:

Helllo!! A warm welcome to Shimla Kashmir Tour and Travels Pvt. Ltd. Shimla Kashmir Tour and Travels Pvt. Ltd. is a popular tour and travel company in India. Besides, our “Shimla Manali Tour Packages” are one of the best-selling travel packages in India. Moreover, Shimla Manali Tour Packages are unique holiday packages for the nature lovers. Mr. Sunil Verma set up this travel company in the year 2000.

Since then, we have been offering nice tours to Shimla Kashmir every year. As a result, in this field, we have long 17 years’ experience. So, we have vast knowledge and experience in the field of tourism. Hence, we can manage the desires of the clients very well. Last year, we pleased 20000 customers with our Shimla Manali Tour Packages. Our superb tour and travel services made them happy. As a result, Shimla Manali Tour Company gets many new clients. clients.

In fact, Shimla Kashmir Tour and Travels Pvt. Ltd. offers the customers better facilities than other tour companies. We also take a small charge. Moreover, we take special care of the aged persons and the children. Besides, we offer special honeymoon packages to new married couples. They happily accept our special discount offers.

Moreover, our famous travel company has many specialists. They are ready to help you every time. If you face any problem at the time of journey, they will help you then and there. Besides, instant booking facilities are also there in Shimla Manali Tour Packages. So, Shimla Manali Tour Packages are fully prepared for the clients. Our services are unique. They are fully dependable too. Moreover, the expert staffs of the company are online 24*7 hours. We invite our clients to book their seats online & get our service details. That is why our customers like us much.

Shimla Manali Tour Packages

Best Packages in Shimla Manali Tour Packages

Shimla is the capital of the North Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. It is in the Himalayan foothills. Moreover, nature looks excellent here. It is also famous for the handicraft shops. The Lakkar Bazaar is popular for wooden toys and crafts.

Shimla Manali Tour Packages make your holidays really special. The natural view of Shimla Manali is heavenly. Moreover, the snow-covered hills in the lap of nature look very beautiful. The beauty of the flowers in Shimla is nice. The scenery of Shimla Manali is wonderful. There, the picture-like valleys will please you. Many famous places are there in our packages. They are Jakhoo Hill, The Shimla Ridge, Shimla State Museum, Summer Hill, Daranghati Sanctuary, Kufri, Chadwick Falls etc. All places are unique. For this reason, customers like our tour and travel Packages.

Shimla is a nice place in the lap of the Himalayas. Dense green forest, eucalyptus and pine trees are all around. Chadwick Falls is the top attraction of the hill-town. It is also the source of water. The fountain-like flow of water is really nice. The falls look sparkling in the sun. The view is excellent. Grassy valleys are there all around. Moreover, we book star hotels for our tourists. The meals of the hotels are also excellent. In this process, we make your journey memorable. Moreover, we book large & comfortable vehicles for your safe journey. Actually, comfortable vehicles are very important to travel in the hilly areas. That is why we use good vehicles. For this reason, the customers trust us.

Shimla Manali Tour Packages

Our Packages :-

1st day: – Our journey starts from Delhi for Shimla by A/C Volvo bus. We shall visit Jakhoo Hill on the first day. It is situated 2 Km. away from Shimla. It is a famous tourist spot for the nature lovers.

2nd day: – At night, we shall rest in a good hotel in Shimla. On the next morning, we shall start for The Shimla Ridge. There you can see the heavenly view of the snow-covered hills. Christ Church is present here. The nice view of the Mall will remain green in your mind forever.

3rd day: – On the next day you will see the Summer Hill. The views of the valley are green around. Moreover, the view of Chadwick Falls is simply nice. It pleases the tourists greatly. On the same day, we will also visit The Shimla State Museum. The sculptures, paintings, handicrafts and coins are some of the great collections found here. At night, we shall return to our hotel for rest.

4th day: – Daranghati Sanctuary is our next destination. It is one of most popular tourist spots. Wildlife lovers like this forest area much. Our next attraction is Kufri. Kufri is a nice hill station. Nature lovers like this place. The beauty of Kufri pleases the tourists very much. Therefore, we stay at Kufri for the night. On the next day, we will drop you at Shimla after breakfast. Then your return journey will start from Shimla to Delhi by A/C Volvo Bus.

Why do people like Shimla Manali Tour Packages ???

There are so many tour companies in Shimla Manali. Yet people like our Shimla Manali Packages. Some reasons are there behind it:-

* We are a famous travel company in Shimla Manali. Besides, we offer nice tour packages for Shimla Manali. All our packages are attractive. Moreover, we offer the cheapest rate for the honeymoon couple. Often we offer special discounts to our dear clients.

Besides, the staffs of the company behave well with the clients. We also take care of the health and goods of the clients during the tour. If anyone faces any problem, we help them then and there. Moreover, for the old persons and the children, we give special attention. Plus, the company takes proper care if anybody falls ill during the tour.

Shimla Manali Tour Packages

* We provide stay in good hotels. We also look after the foods of the clients. As a result, the clients face no problem.
Moreover, the cars we use for the journey are nice and strong. They give no trouble at all. Besides, ours is a customer-friendly company. Customer satisfaction is our main aim. We have many satisfied clients over years. Take our matchless tour packages and they will surely please you. This is the goodwill of the company.

In fact, Shimla Kashmir Tour and Travels Pvt. Ltd is a gem in the field of Indian Tourism.

Shimla Manali Tour Packages

Shimla Manali Tour Packages – Explore with us:

We give all-inclusive tour packages for Shimla Manali.

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